Over the next hill

by Gérard Adès & Oliver Woods

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LIANG NING I love it because i can feel the softness and tenderness in human beings and I do lots of imaginations when I'm listening to it :) Favorite track: Crystal clear.
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released June 22, 2013

Gérard Adès - Lyrics & Voice.
Oliver Woods - Guitars & Ambience.


tags: ambient Paris


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Gérard Adès & Oliver Woods Paris, France

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Track Name: Crystal clear
Crystal clear.

Her eyes are crystal clear,
And she smiles without fear,
Her finger points this way,
And she laughs at the stars.

It hurts me so,
This beauty’s killing me,
A demon loves an angel,
And she’s the angel in me.

She talks like a bird,
Hums a joyful song.
She lay her eyes on me,
And it’s spring in my heart.

It hurts me so………

Give me love to hold you,
Give me strength to protect you,
Give me pain to understand you,
Give me time to be with you.

It hurts me so………

The bells are ringing in my heart,
Somewhere in god’s church,
Watching the miracle.

It hurts me so………

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: Love Song
Love song

Hey ! You look like a good guy,
Swimming around in your fish tank.
Hey! Ain’t you a little tired,
Of putting out fires that won’t burn ?

How many firemen,
To turn you inside out ?

How many broken dreams,
How many broken wings,
To get you going ?

Hey ! Don’t give up !
Nobody said it would be easy!
Don’t give up now !
Oh no !

Believe in me,
Burn all of your sorrow,
Painting a love song.
Believe in me,
Will you be young and thorough,
Painting a love song.

Painting a love song…………

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: Strangers in the night
Strangers in the night.

Strangers in the night,
Never knowing what to do,
Lying side by side,
At a million miles.

Strangers in the night,
Hoping that the words are right,
Reaching out through doubt,
For a warm embrace.

We can still have each other.
We could try a little harder,
Loneliness kills,
When we’re together.

We can still love the other.
We could be friends and lovers,
Or better still
When we’re together.

Strangers in the night,
I’m sorry for the words I said,
Sorry for the words, I did mean to say.

Strangers in the night,
Calling for the wind my love,
All the doubts and pain,
Let them blow away.

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: Sorry

You will try again,
Hope will move you on,
She’ll be crying, and you know why !

It’s the hard sun,
And the real guns,
Heavy dirt in the high wind !

And the burns on her skin !
And she had better schemes!

And the river of dreams,
Slowly winds away,
Just a thread of love
Strung out in the midday sun !

And if we leave today,
We could be there tomorrow,
She’d be smiling oh! You know why!

And you just want to say:

I’m sorry!
I’m sorry!

I’m sorry!

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: The west
The west.

The house is full of light,
And the walls are made of wood,
And we don’t need many chairs,

And working hard is ok.

We eat simple food,
And we have lonely words,
With a few signs we know,

And the light is all around.

There’s so much space ahead,
And my horse sings to the wind,
With the flowers and the bees,

And we fit in all around.

I stroke my child’s hair,
And you’re my beautiful and strong,.

And the house is full of light.

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: This could be
 This could be

This could be :

Mounds and rivers,
Dreamy skies,
Lonely clouds across the evening sun.

This could be :

Dunes in the wind,
Waves relentlessly trying,
Where the sea runs ashore, in a tender rush.

This could be You!
This could be us!
This could be me!

This could be Life!.

This could be you,
This could be me,
Flowers in the morning dew.

This could be you,
This could be me,
Tender shoots in the heavy rain.

This could be Mars beyond the Moon,
This could be warmth beyond the skies.
This could be love,
This could be God,
This could be us!
This could be us!

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: Stopping the madness
Stopping the madness.

I’ll be a silent man today,
I’ll be waking up today,
Stopping the madness.

All the voices in my head,
A steady flow of peace instead,
Stopping the madness.

Keep on trying,
Till the morning comes.
Time is trying,
By your side

I’ll be a silent man today
I’ll be waking up today
Stopping the madness.

I want to feel..
I want a piece of peace.
There’s time left,
Time for peace.
I want a piece of peace.
Time left for peace….

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: Into the heat
Into the heat.

When anger calls,
You’ll face the wall,
Mean and shallow,
You hated so!

Kept up a good front though,
But there’s a bed to any sea,
An end to any road.

Won’t fly!
Be wise!
You’ll dive,
Your way into heaven!

Won’t soar!
Be sure!
Crawl on all fours,
Your way into heaven!

Time was plenty,
A strange game you played,
Stranded on barren land,
Moved by unknown hands.

You’d been warned,
You had your chance,
But you refused to dance,
With all your heart and soul.

Won’t fly………

And what with all the fears!
And all the dried up tears!
And now you walk into the heat………

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: Lullaby

Sleep my little one.
Time is on your side.

Calm is the sea…

Now, I’ll think into the night,
For futures large and bright,

Now, I’ll look into the moon,
And wonder why so soon ?

Sleep my little one.
Time is on your side

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: Sunny side up
Sunny side up

And touch me
And how do you do?
So warm
I feel light and well
Thank you.

Your hair's soft
How I love you!
And kiss me
I want you too!

Sunny side up
Love will take you morning call.

The sea bed
I swim to you.
In waves now
I'm onto you.

Body beaches
My land is you
Hands to the sun valley
Into you.

Sunny side up
Love will take your morning call...

Gérard Adès 2013
Track Name: Our Days
Our days

These were our days.
These were our days.
What a funny rendez-vous.

Happy times, and a never ending string of tomorrows.

In tne morning, you'd call the cat,
While I still dreamt of hats,
And you were an angel.

My body, warm in the strong bed, was like a feather,
In this newborn age.
And I can't remember feeling the weight of life,
Though I'm not sure I was happy,
Perhaps, some dread from ancient days, like a dark sun rising.

We cycled to the end of the world,
And climbed  the olive tree,
And I'd be strong to carry you down.
Then we'd run to the garden of easter,
Looking for eggs behind flowers.

The day would carry us to the beach,
And roll us around in a warm blanket of attention.
and we'd play  simple games forever,
Until time would catch us too early,
And we carried bits of sun into the night,
And laughed ourselves to sleep.

These were our days.
These were our days.
What a funny rendez-vous!

Gérard Adès 2013